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Q. Do you work for the big project builders?
No. Most of our work is for Builders that build quality bespoke type of homes, Owner builders and home owners.

Q. I have been told that the plaster joins only need two coats is this correct?
A. No. New plaster joins need three coats and some new to existing plaster joins may require more. Some plasterers will only do two coats as a way to cut costs. I strongly do not recommend this.

Q. My garage ceiling looks to be sagging can this be fixed?
A. If the sag is minor then it can be fixed or in some garages it could have been incorrectly installed and would need to be fully replaced. We would need to do a site inspection to give an accurate quote.

Q. Can I email house plans for my new home or extension that I would like a quote for?
A. Yes. Many builders, owner-builders and home owners email plans. I just need to know what type of cornice is required and any other specifications to give an accurate quote. Some renovations and extensions don’t show the full extent of plaster work required in this case I would recommend a site measure.

Q. What is the process to use Richards Plaster for a new build or renovation?
A. You can simply email the plans or if you prefer we can meet onsite. I will measure to your specifications and provide you with a written quote. Once you accept the quote we can discuss an estimated start date. Before commencement of the plastering we will do a final site measure and inspection.

Q. Can I send through a photo of a plaster repair that I would like a quote for?
A. Yes. In most cases I can quote from a photo if it shows the full extent of the repair needed.

Q. Can you fix cracks that keep reappearing can you fix this?
A. Most cracks are caused by movement usually from movement in the house frame.
We have sourced a type of jointing tape that is a lot stronger than what is usually used and in most cases will stop the cracking.

Q. Will there be a lot of dust?
A. Dust will be minimal. We utilise vacuum sanders which suck up the dust as we sand, however, fine detail work must be done by hand with no vacuum.

Q. Do I have to remove the wallpaper before the walls are patched?
Yes, any type of paper needs to be removed before plastering.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes we have public liability insurance cover for your peace of mind.

Q. Does your work comply with Australian Standards?

A. Yes. All of our work complies with AS/NZS 2589.

Q. How do we contact you?

A. You can click on the contacts tab or call Dean Richards on 0409 577 170. Or Email: